Agency Advantage

Do you have clients with a gap in coverage? Do your clients struggle to come up with the large deposits required by traditional carriers? Do you have clients with the State Fund?

We represent over 100 PEOs in the country, and through the PEO relationship there are no deposits or audits with convenient Pay-as-you-Go work comp policies.

Clients see an immediate surge in cash flow since their premium is based on actual wages during that pay period. Lower costs translate to more competitive bids and, ultimately, more sales and profit to infuse your client’s bottom line.

AXIS Group helps you find the perfect PEO for your client —one who’s already licensed with established work comp policies so clients can add employees and provide proof of insurance immediately.

PEO clients experience more than a price decrease when it comes to workers comp.

PEOs also file and track claims, makes sure claims are legit, manage safety reviews and OSHA compliance and offload time-consuming documentation and reporting activities.


For businesses operating within high risk industries such as construction, HVAC, plumbing, painting, roofing, trucking, manufacturing, staffing, landscaping and maintenance, the PEO provides extremely competitive work comp policies with no deposit, no audits, and pay-as-you-go payment plans. Those that engage a PEO experience up to 30% premium reductions, and gain safety incentive programs alongside expert advice and support with risk management and compliance.