Rick Cutter

Rick-Cutter-headshot_crop[1]Motto: “Leave No Stone Unturned!”

Rick Cutter  have been associated with Axis Group, LLC since 2002,  from it first days of growth to the re-imaging of Axis into a PEO Master General Agency (MGA).

Initially Mr. Cutter was brought in as a consultant to the owners and leadership team and later joined the organization in 2005 as the Controller until 2012 when it was sold to FIRM Consulting Group.

In 2013 Mr. Cutter rejoined the restructured Axis Group as an Account Manager working with independent property and casualty agents across the country providing alternative work comp solutions from qualified PEOs. Mr. Cutter also acts as a mentor and resource to the growing sales team and shares his industry experience to help guide the team to solutions.

Prior to joining Axis Group full time in 2005 Mr. Cutter was with Presidion Solutions and Sunshine Companies, a PEO, from 2000 to 2005 as an Account Manager and Client Service Representative (CSR). Mr. Cutter supported over 200 PEO clients as an Account Manager. As a Client Service Manager for the Northern half of Florida he managed 10 CSR’s and over 1200 PEO clients from their initial on-boarding to maintenance of their PEO services.

Mr. Cutter spent over twenty years in the restaurant industry including 10 years at Orchard Lake Country Club in Michigan and over ten years with Wendy’s and Hardees’s in Michigan and Florida. In 1995 he purchased and ran two bagel and coffee shops specializing in NY Style Bagels and catering to house parties in their locations.

Married to Tess Cutter for the last 36 years with three daughters and three grand children. Mr. Cutter spends his free time babysitting the grand children, boating in the Gulf of Mexico, biking and decompressing at their cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia.