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The AXIS Group Currently Represents:

  • 100 PEOs across the country

  • 1,000 P&C agents

  • 3,000 clients

  • $100 million in premium

  • $1 billion in payroll

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Brokers Leverage Our PEO Platform For:

  • Pay-as-you-go work comp solutions

  • No deposits

  • No audits

  • Global PEO options


The AXIS Group is the nation’s largest PEO Master General Agency (MGA) supporting over 1000 P&C agents across the country and representing more than 100 PEOs partnerships. 

We specialize in alternative work comp solutions provided through our platform of qualified PEOs and made available to P&C agencies across the country for the risk challenged clients. Leveraging our platform is simple and the advantages are endless. We provide PEO leads, enrollment support, wholesale pricing, timely commissions, marketing materials, webinar trainings and client protection.

The AXIS Group wants to be your go-to resource for PEO quotes. Call us at (877) 636-9525 or email submissions@axisgroupllc.com to get started.